The pandemic we are living through is history in the making. Stories will be told decades from now, about how this changed everything, how it altered the course of governments, businesses, individuals and families. Yet in the middle of it all, I’m struck by how important remembering the past is, how important it is that […]

My wife Susan is very creative in all aspects of her life, and that includes parenting our five children. There are times when I see her doing something creative with our kids and think, “I want to be a part of that!” Many years ago, I watched Susan and our daughter Megan start trading a […]

My grandson James is four months old. I like to read the Bible to him, take walks with him around the yard, and sing to him. And every time I see him, I greet him the same way—by picking him up and saying, “Grandpa’s here!” James doesn’t talk yet, so he can’t respond to me […]

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How to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic

Here at Alive 105 we want our listeners to be informed about Covid-19 and how to help their family and others.

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